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Anna Bowen, Licensed Massage Therapist in Greenville, SC

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Anna Bown Licensed Massage Therapist in Greenville SCGreenville residents are proud of their European style city that treasures the beauty of nature. From the Reedy River Falls that pass gracefully under Main Street to it’s scenic view of the Smoky Mountains, Greenville embraces living in harmony with nature.  It is a city that attracts many talented practitioners of the healing arts.  They are welcome in this Top 10 City.  Greenville abounds with businesses promoting healthy living.  From the clinics of natural medicine to the Whole Foods Market, this is a city that is commited to health.

Greenville, SC has some of the best massage therapists in the nation and many hold Anna Bowen to be the finest in the Upstate of South Carolina. Anna’s clients feel it’s the one gift they can give themselves that’s truly a vacation for their body, mind and spirit.  They crave their time with Anna and guard it as an essential part of their weekly routine, because it restores their feeling of well being and inspires a cherished fresh perspective. Give yourself the gift of massage.

Anna Bowen, originally from Russia, has been in Greenville, SC for a decade and has been practicing massage for nearly that long. As soon as Anna greets you, you’ll sense her love of people and her passion to help others achieve ultimate health in their precious lives.  She is naturally warm hearted and giving.

Anna specializes in many techniques to pamper her clients. One is Ashiatsu, an ancient Oriental Bodywork technique that originated with the Buddhist Monks in China, then found it’s way to Thailand and finally Japan.  This therapy utilizes a specialty hand rail system secured to the ceiling to initiate the most subtle pressure in just the right places.  Anna takes this art form to new heights. Once you have experienced Anna, you’ll crave more.

Greenville Massage

600 E North Street, Suite 205
Greenville, SC 29601


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